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NTLA Tax Lien Conference 2016

The NTLA Conference is the premier event for the tax lien industry, connecting the most dynamic and influential community of tax lien professionals.  The conference provides over 10 hours of networking options as well as 36 break-out sessions of educational courses discussing legislative updates, common practices, and current industry trends all over the U.S.  One highlight of the conference is a LienApp® tax lien software demonstration.

VADAR® Systems is proud to have participated in one of many “Break-Out Sessions” dedicated to specific aspects of tax lien investing and the marketplace.  Voted by conference attendees as one of the favorite sessions, Lien Servicing Essentials was presented by VP of Sales Jed Reitler and is available online through SlideShare.  In this presentation, Jed highlighted 3 key topics of Profit, Risk, and Scale, then discussed the implication to each of these through the process of tax lien servicing.  Investors were keen to learn about streamlining back office costs, reducing the risks of manual processes, and scaling their systems for growth.

VADAR® Systems is proud to be both a NTLA member and frequent exhibitor at NTLA events.  Visit to learn more about the organization and benefits.

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