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Stop Spreadsheet Sinkholes – Get Tax Lien Software

Stop Spreadsheet Sinkholes – Get Tax Lien Software

Tax lien investors too often wrestle with “information overload”

Beware the costs and risks of tax lien spreadsheets that are vulnerable to error, fraud, non-compliance, and more.  Managing portfolios with tax lien spreadsheets results in too much information that is inaccessible and unmanageable.  Manually calculating subsequent tax lien certificates over multiple tax years cannot scale, and becomes too reliant on one person with one spreadsheet.  Tax lien spreadsheets quickly become unwieldy and slow investors to a crawl.

Subject to state regulations and statutes, tax lien servicing has back-office challenges:

Overwhelming data to audit and analyze

Complex legal issues and state statutes

Labor-intensive legal documents and notices

STOP the 10 Sinkholes of Tax Lien Spreadsheets

1. Human Error

2. Non-Compliant

3. Non-Collaborative

4. No Data Recovery

5. Not Scalable

6. Hard to Test

7. Inflexible for Business

8. Not Consolidated

9. Slow Decision Making

10. Susceptible to Fraud

Tax Lien Software

Take 5 Information Actions

1. Identify Key Stakeholders

2. Record Operational Challenges

3. Know Your Vital Data Elements

4. Reduce Transaction Redundancy

5. Find Resources That Can Be Leveraged

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