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Lien Servicing Essentials

VP of Sales Jed Reitler presented VADAR® Systems’ break-out session Tax Lien Servicing Essentials to guests of the National Tax Lien Conference 2016, hosted by the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA). Publicly voted as a favorite among attendees, Lien Servicing Essentials examined Profit, Risk, and Scale throughout the process of tax lien servicing. The entire presentation[…]

How to Fix Your ‘Fixed’ Expenses

Tax Lien Investing – Fix Your ‘Fixed’ Expenses All businesses have the well-known “contingency” line item in their budgets. We all are familiar with the “unknown” items that may crop up from time to time in our daily course of business; things we don’t expect but know will happen … and along with that comes[…]