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Tax Lien Sales Online

online tax lien auction sale

Tax Sales by Municipality

tax lien, tax liens, tax deed, online auctionThe $7 billion national tax lien market consists of over 6,000 municipalities – counties, cities, and towns. Each municipality determines whether to sell tax liens on site or online.  Online tax auctions predominate Arizona and Florida.  Municipalities in other states also offer online tax auctions.  Because online sale offerings change, do your research to confirm availability.

Online auctions are provided through private firms, and leading tax lien auction providers include Grant Street, Real Auction, and SRI. Click on the name of each firm to learn more.  Remember: tax auction sites are named for a county but operated by a commercial auction provider.

State statutes guide the rules of each tax sale.  Consequently, be sure to research these rules before you purchase liens.

There is no national tax lien software to buy liens. Tax liens are sold across thousands of municipal auctions. Tax sales are hosted by competing auctioneers. rules are guided by various statutes.

LienApp® tax lien software is an enterprise cloud platform that streamlines tax lien servicing.  Servicing includes acquisition management, analysis and reporting, certificate verification, delinquent tracking, notice mailing, redemption and payment, and more.

Tax Sale Factors

Do Your Research.  Tax sales vary dramatically.  Therefore it is important to examine factors that change from state to state, and even from county to county.  Just a few of these are given below as examples.

Bids – bid down interest, bid down ownership, bid premiums

Interest – ranges from 10% to 36% accrued differently

Penalty – various calculations on redemption

Redemption – from 12 to 36 month terms

Online Tax Lien Sales

online tax lien auction sale

Online auctioneers operate at the behest of the municipality Treasurer and Tax Collector.  As a result, most online auctions follow procedures compliant with county and state statutes.  There can be slight differences, however, between auctioneer methods and rules.  Plan in advance and carefully follow auction rules on registration, deposit, bid limits, and so on.

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