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Lien Servicing Essentials

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VP of Sales Jed Reitler presented VADAR® Systems’ break-out session Tax Lien Servicing Essentials to guests of the National Tax Lien Conference 2016, hosted by the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA).

Publicly voted as a favorite among attendees, Lien Servicing EssentialsLienServicingEssentials examined Profit, Risk, and Scale throughout the process of tax lien servicing.

The entire presentation is available online via SlideShare and LinkedIn.  Click here or on the slide to learn more about back-end office processes that eat into your bottom line.  More importantly, learn how intelligent databases and systems can save you blood, sweat, tears, and wasted dollars!

Tired of the cost and risk of manual Tax Lien Servicing? Visit and learn how VADAR Systems’ state-of-the-art solution in the cloud expands investor profits, disciplines best practices, and lowers risks of costly errors to restore peace of mind.

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